P diddy dating kate upton

According to the publication, blonde Kate arrived shortly after the hip-hop legend and immediately went to the VIP area to be with him. It seems this was just the start of their dalliance, as Diddy and Kate were seen on a date in New York City last week."They were having dinner together," a source explained.

The pair chose to eat at Gemma in the Bowery Hotel on Thursday.

P diddy dating kate upton

They were "kissing," according to an unnamed eyewitness. Not at all true."And Diddy was even clearer about it, writing a tweet addressed to all media saying, "I don't even know Kate Upton personally!

Cut to last week, says the News, when Diddyup got together for a dinner at Gemma in the Bowery Hotel in New York.

the rap mogul says he's 100%, positively NOT having sexual relations with model Kate Upton ...

despite the fact it would be totally awesome if true.

Diddy are "hot and heavy."The best part is the nickname the News came up with for the daring duo: "Diddyup!

"Here's what happened: Diddy, 43, who has been most recently linked to singer/actress/model Cassie, and Upton, 20, were spotted in Miami on March 24 at club LIV.

” Upton, 20, soon joined Diddy, 43, in the VIP section where they partied together late into the night.

The two reportedly met in New York on Thursday for an intimate meal at the Bowery Hotel.

She's famous for the Cat Daddy, and now she may be dating a Diddy. Diddy have been spotted sharing a steamy kiss, it's claimed.

An American newspaper alleges the pair locked lips at Club LIV in Miami Beach just a month after the gorgeous catwalk siren announced she was single.

The source added that the pair partied all night in the VIP section of the club.

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