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This becomes a problem when a new update is released for your theme because updating a theme wipes out all customization.

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Update your plugins and theme frameworks Developers usually have a heads-up on upcoming Word Press releases, and often update their plugins and theme frameworks (like Genesis) to maintain compatibility and make use of new technologies.

Be sure to update all of your plugins and themes before upgrading Word Press to avoid any compatibility issues later on.

We recommend that you follow the Before You Update steps above before performing a manual update.

When you’ve finished uploading all new files and folders to your web host, refresh your site and click through various pages and functions to ensure that everything looks and works as expected.

You will need to use a file comparison software like Win Merge (kaleidoscope for Mac, Meld for Linux).

Open both theme directories in Win Merge to compare them.

For most other Word Press installations following version 3.7, automatic updates for minor releases only (such as from version 3.7.1 to 3.7.2) are enabled by default.

See Manual & Automatic Updates below for more information.

You should now have both, new version of the theme and your old customized theme on your computer.

If you remember the changes you made to your theme, then simply copy and paste the code snippets from old theme to the new version.

If you would like more information, see the Word Press Codex or contact your web host with questions about automatic Word Press updates.

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