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Be sure to reactivate any plugins you deactivated before the updated process.

After copying your changes to the new theme, you need to upload the new theme directory to Word Press using FTP.

Your FTP client will warn you that the files with the same name already exist.

Automatic Updates Beginning with Word Press version 3.7, automatic updates for minor releases (which include things like maintenance, stability, and security enhancements) are enabled by default.

Some hosts allow you to also enable automatic updates for major releases (for example, version 3.7.x to version 3.8).

For most other Word Press installations following version 3.7, automatic updates for minor releases only (such as from version 3.7.1 to 3.7.2) are enabled by default.

See Manual & Automatic Updates below for more information.

You will need to use a file comparison software like Win Merge (kaleidoscope for Mac, Meld for Linux).

Open both theme directories in Win Merge to compare them.

Manual Update Via FTPYou can update Word Press manually via FTP.

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