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He is a multi-media artist specializing in wood carving, metal work, and printmaking.

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Taught by his parents, Ike and Tonita Lovato, Ray began making jewelry at age eleven.

He is best known for his hand drilled stone necklaces, which can vary from simple chokers to larger necklaces with jackals.

Then she smoothes the coiled clay and adds the decorations.

After the piece has dried in the sun, it is placed in an open-pit kiln and covered with cow dung. Where the wood ash comes in contact with the clay, brownish gray discolorations called “fire clouds” appear.

Learn how to maintain the integrity of your original data, audit your formulas for correctness, and adjust values to be able to calculate how to reach outcome goals. This course qualifies for professional development units (PDUs).

To view the activity and PDU details for this course, click here.Ray Lovato (Santo Domingo Pueblo) was born in 1946.Ray uses only natural turquoise to create his elegant jewelry.Besides raising five sons to become accomplished silversmiths, Mary finds time to turn out some of the finest Indian jewelry found today, Mary's forte is inlaid shell earrings and pendants, a blend of the contemporary and traditional.Her work has become the standard by which shell inlaid jewelry is measured.Custom orders are welcome and Jonah is happy to work with you on whatever vision you have to create a striking appearance to your surroundings.

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