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As a bonus, the sleeves are knitted in so there is no seaming! My first bead knitted pattern (from 2009), I made Arizona Sunset for my friend, Gail, who lives in Arizona.

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You may use any of my patterns for personal or commercial use, except for the sports items.

If using the pattern for commercial use, please make an extra item to donate to charity.

The site's images also point you in the right direction, if you're looking to accurately recreate a vintage look.

: An argumentative paragraph/essay attempts to educate a reader on a controversial issue usually with the intent of persuading that reader to view the issue from the writers point of view and often ending with a call to action, requesting the reader to make or initiate a change.

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I made these with Knit Picks Palette yarn, but any fingering weight yarn will do.

The Noel Christmas Tree postcard was awarded 4th place at the Great New York State Fair in 2010.

Just click on the cover and browse the list of pattern vendors who have the look.

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