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If there is a single concept that is the driver of much of the Internet's growth over the past decade – not to mention nearly all of Google's annual revenue of billion – it is the concept of keywords.

Keywords are what we type in when we are searching for products, services, and answers on the search engines, an act that Americans performed 15.5 billion times in April 2010 according to Com Score, the web research firm.

The more important concept to keep in mind is that you want to choose keywords that best relate to the content present on a web page and on a website; if you don't have a dog food comparison matrix, then don't bother including comparison-related keywords; you are misleading your users, and certainly not fooling Google.

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And yet this would probably not be a profitable keyword that will drive relevant traffic to my site.

That is because, from an organic SEO perspective, you are unlikely to rank highly for this term unless you are a huge, highly authoritative site—or lucky enough to be, knowing that Google rewards keywords that match website addresses.

Though this example makes it obvious, many times we have to fight through our urge to include those bigger, broader root keywords.

Dig Deeper: How to Be Keyword-Savvy Picking SEO Keywords: Avoiding "Vanity" Keywords Now let's look at a trickier example—one where the root keyword arguably does a good job describing what we are selling.

To ensure the companies we select provide an exceptional strategy for delivering competitive results for critical keywords in a paid search campaign we analyze the company’s strategy for identifying important keywords and organizing them in an effective manner.

We urge buyers to ask their pay per click management company about their method of selecting the right keywords and how keywords are organized and tracked in the campaign.We have referred to this concept several times in the preceding tips, but it is important enough to leave as a final guiding paradigm.Conventionally, we think linearly about content and keywords; we build a website, and then launch search engine marketing campaigns to drive users to our content. When we think about strategy at Wpromote, we think about a circular process; since our keyword research reflects both what users are seeking and the way that the search engines (particularly Google) "think" about keywords, we let that help to drive our content strategy.Dig Deeper: What You Need to Know About Your Website Picking SEO Keywords: Using Google's Wonder Wheel This is in my opinion the best little secret of everyone's favorite search engine: the Google Wonder Wheel.Released about a year ago but virtually unknown compared with Google's much more visible search tools, the Wonder Wheel can be accessed by doing a search and then selecting "Wonder Wheel" under the filter options on the lefthand navigation.Dig Deeper: How to Take Advantage of Online Reviews Picking SEO Keywords: The Value of Repetition One concern we hear frequently is whether it is beneficial or harmful to repeat keywords.

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