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And the Philippines are, along with Thailand, the best place to go about this and that’s not just because there are of them, but also because it’s relatively cheap to make this exciting sexual phantasy come true.And besides that, there’s no doubt that a lot of the Filipina ladyboys are unbelievable attractive so sometimes when you think she’s too beautiful to be a girl then that might even be the case.

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Similar to the bars, most night clubs in Cebu don’t want ladyboys but the famous exception here is Liv Super Club which is not just the best place to meet hot Filipina girls but also regularly attracts some of the hottest ladyboys you can imagine.

They are very outgoing without being too pushing like it’s the case with a lot of shemales on the streets.

But then of course you also have a huge number of Filipina ladyboys who frequent the different nightlife venues, many of them working as freelancers who will ask for some money for “going with you” but then also really know how to please you.

And that’s not only because they “know what a man wants” but also simply because they got a lot of experience in doing it.

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Another nightlife venue that is alright for hooking up with Filipina transgenders would be MO2 Restobar that is within walking distance from Liv (see map below) and which is kind of a mix of outdoor bar and night club.

It’s more like a trial and error kind of place though as on some nights you might get lucky and find a few ladyboys hanging out in groups, dining and drinking while on other nights it’s just really quiet.

The truth however is that there are no such bars in town (this will probably change in the future as the demand from foreigners is going up) and even the normal sports bars don’t allow ladyboys to enter, usually to avoid conflicts of interest with the girls.

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