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We’re really happy with as a title, it works really, really well.Our biggest problem right now is just that you need to have a monster computer to be able to run it pretty well.So potentially players who have a PC character, but decide they really want to play on the console because some of their console friends are there, might be able to drop their character on the console and play it there too. The business model is going to remain exactly the same, and the only thing that you’ll have to buy with money is going to be cosmetic items.

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Each server kind of has its own culture, and its own unique shared history of “This is what happened.

This guild formed and they did this, and this outfit came along and crushed them, and they stole all the people from that outfit, and all the bad people quit, and all the good people came over, and the leaders had all this drama.” So there’s this really interesting shared history when you have a persistent game like that, but having that happen in a completely one hundred percent Pv P, competitive FPS game like this, elevates things a little bit.

The free-to-play game launched last November on PC, and gameplay revolves around thousands of players struggling for to dominate the planet Auraxis across multiple continents.

We spoke with creative director Matt Higby about bringing the game to the Play Station 4, and how it has changed since launching last year.

How long have you guys been working on the PS4 version of the game? We knew that we were going to be prepping it for next gen system for a long time.

When we were building [the game’s engine] Forge Light, we kind of had this idea in the back of our heads …

You had to work really hard to figure out where the fun was.

Once you figured it out, and understood how it worked, it was super fun.

There is actually a separate team of coders right now that we’ve been building up that are working on doing all of that transition stuff, and it’s a lot of work.

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