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It had never been detected and I always thought I'd stumble on a depression cache full of silver dollars somewhere on that property and kept an eye out for anything interesting.

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Equipment: Minelab Equinox 600 Garrett Pro-Pointer AT YTD Totals= (2018) Clad=0.00 Gold=0 Silver=0 925=1 Relics=0 Oldest Coin = 1891 IHP Metal detecting is a finite hobby where you can only uncover what's down there in your area. Originally Posted by IDXMonster View post I had a 3 hour drive into looking at 2 ball fields from the 1930s this past weekend.

Unless you move around you are doomed to be just another digger who has great success at first then get uninterested as the finds slow.. Didn't even come home with one wheat,actually hunted for about 4 hours.

NET, and not available in regular Multi Charts, include: access to all data directly from scripts, for instruments that are not even charted; creation of custom toolbars, ability to draw objects using GDI, and access to all information in the Order and Position Tracker from scripts.

NET you do not need to reinvent the wheel—you can simply find most information on the Internet.

Personally I don't believe in luck,only well laid plans and the ambition to carry them through. I have 86 acres of farmland with a root cellar, spring house, smoke house, and an ancient chimney from a log cabin and it's probably the worse place I've ever detected. I guess they just didn't have much back in the day.

Originally Posted by BBs Gal View post What sites of yours that you had high hopes for turned out to be real duds?

It was a very long day,burnt a half a tank of gas to get absolute complete unadulterated horseshit.(I wonder how long before a mod catches that word..) Truth is..never know.

I've scored great coins in farmyards and squat in a fairground. There are places that,after many people have found things in these types of places, are known to USUALLY have older coins. Unless you have mad skills,a lot of patience and a willingness to battle where nobody wants to..coins will remain fairly elusive.

The worst disappointments I've had in sites were a 1800s hotel site, a 1900s church site, and a 1908 school site.

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