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The traditional way of transpiration is the kayak, the umiak, and the dogsled.The kayak is a lightweight canoe like hunting boat made of a wood frame completely covered with sealskin except for a round center opening, where one person sits.This subfamily is generally called Inupiaq in Alaska, but also Inuktitut in Canada and Kalaallisut in Greenland.

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The flesh of these is eaten cooked, dried, or frozen.

The seal is their main winter food and most valuable resource.

They also hunt polar bear, fox, hare, and Arctic birds, for important supplies. One is made from walrus or sealskin tents for the summer.

Whale, walrus, and caribou require longer hunting trips than one kinship group can do on there own. The other is made of stone, with driftwood or whalebone frames and chinked and covered with moss or sod for the winter. It is just high enough to have one person crawl through it.

The skin around the person can be tightened to make the kayak waterproof.

The umiak is a larger boat by about 30 feet long and 8 feet wide.They are used for dog food, clothing, and materials for making boats, tents, and harpoons lines, as well as fuel for both light and heat.In Alaska and Canada, caribou are hunted in the summer.At one time they were permanent winter houses of the Inuit in central and eastern Canada.In the 20th century many Inuit have moved into towns to live in government built, western housing.In the last half-century motorboats and snowmobiles have become important modes of travel.

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