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I do think there is such a thing as “happiness” but it takes a very different form than the one usually shown at surprise birthday parties. When Obama won the election a friend of mine told me she felt something “akin to an orgasm”. [See, Time to Abolish the Presidency, which links to my other articles on why politics is a scam.] I once visited with a news producer while he was producing his show. By dissecting the lies (all of which cause massive stress), we can find the truth.

Damn, I should’ve saved this one for an entire post. Stocks, gold, oil, the debt of every country, our currencies. And then I end up yelling at the guy who bumps into me at Starbucks. When I say "I love the song" on this You Tube video its sort of like reading Playboy for the articles but it's true.

The scam is so large it could take centuries to unravel. Who then curses me but takes it out on his wife later.

Anything else that entices you out of your hard-earned money (gambling, the lottery, education to “better yourself”, savings accounts that don’t beat inflation, etc) are all cleverly planned scams to enrich others but not you. Because they do, they will, you hate it, you take it, you plot revenge.

Having a low-paying job (and, with inflation, almost all jobs are low-paying), is no better than an addiction to heroin.

Good luck trying to fit yourself into the club of 200 while you lose all of your money.

There are 300mm people in the country and probably about 200 people who are rigging the system.When people talk to me about "personal branding" the first thing I think is, "ok, so you're a liar." Why do I need a personal brand?Why should that be any different than the honest me?They then take that money and lend it out at 6% to people who want to buy a house.The multi-trillion dollar banking industry makes almost all of its money that way. So they have to keep making you think that you don’t have “roots” (a Neanderthal call back to our Mother Earth mysticism) unless you own a white picket fence, a house that can’t be moved, a home for your children, etc.BUT, the business of art relies on the people who are clever enough to "brand" themselves, who gets the right representation, who can combine their creativity with enough business acumen to get noticed and ride the right trends. [See, How I've Lost Money on Ever Books I've Ever Written, and also "Why and How I Self-Published"] Wow, it seems like everything is a scam.

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