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It also made the actress aware of the fact that true love never dies.Also, after the incident rumors have started that the couple might be getting back together.

Priyanka said,"I thought Miami's environment will be dump but it was more warming than I thought".

New Delhi: It seems actress Priyanka Chopra is shouting out words, ‘Stop Me If You Can’.

Obviously, all actors and the crew had their own security but it was also increased by local police in order to keep masses of people away from the filming set.

Priyanka Chopra is known as one of the most beautiful and most sought after Indian actresses and singers.

Well, an innocent selfie did cause a lot of noise on Twitter.

Fans who seemed angry with Irina gave their blessings to the pair.

Irina has no comments at the moment." The pair dated for five years, but the future of their relationship was called into question when Ronaldo failed to thank Irina at the event in Zurich.

Bollywood actress and singer Priyanka Chopra has danced with Criastiano Ronaldo who is an expensive footballer of Spanish club of Real Madrid.

For quite a long time Priyanka Chopra boyfriend was known to be Shahid Kapoor.

However, as of right now the couple is not dating anymore.

This was the time when Priyanka Chopra boyfriend Shahid Kapoor came to rescue his love.

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