Prostitute dating a client

Well, I met a client and we hit it off; obviously and mutually.

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The other is that for the first time ever, I’ve felt the need to hide my sex work. I’m in a state of career-limbo, unsure of my place in the world. I have the free time to devote to learning new things, like speaking French.

I just don’t want to deal with the questions and stereotypes in my personal life. And I have a free and open schedule, which is something I’ll always love!

(This is a major reason why escort work suited me so well.) But I retired to embark on a serious monogamous relationship. I enjoyed the outlet and constant stimulation of new partners (or in the case of stripping, the constant tease). I think a large part of our problem has been that we both bought into gender-sexual stereotypes in this society. Things have come into focus over the past year, but I’m still not back to feeling like a productive member of society.

I realize not every escort will have this same issue. My sense of self has been in limbo since I retired. I don’t have my foundation back; the ground is not under my feet again.

Some of the issues are probably universal, but I’m betting the details are different.

I’ve often referred to escort work as my perfect job. However, I realize this is not true for every escort, so some of my retirement issues may not apply to those who dislike the work.

(Likewise, a self-assured, self-reliant man is appealing to women.) However, the major difference between the sexes is that a man gets an independent, sexually open woman and the first thing he wants to do is make her monogamous and dependent on him.

Men really cannot tolerate a sexually-free partner. Retiring for a relationship caused me to take a much harder look at male/female relationships, gender roles and expectations in American society.

Since he lived 1800 miles away and was married, I was having my cake and eating it too. He would pay my basic bills until these projects took off.

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