Prototype helps in validating requirements

For example: The goal here is to make sure that we find a real problem or customer pain point that enough people face, so that we can later focus on solving that problem.

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This kind of thing can have a big impact on your product implementation, your user interfaces and so on and will help you ensure that your product more naturally fits into the daily lives of your customers.

It will help you minimize the amount of training you will have to give your customers once the product gets built because they don’t have to learn new habits to use your product, thereby shortening abandonment rate and increasing the likelihood of the customer sticking it through after the first interaction with the product.

These people are (likely, but not always) going to be very different from your target market.

Go where your REAL target users are, observe what they are doing, and think about how you can make those tasks better and/or easier.

Look out for patterns – groups of people doing things the same way, or complaining about the same thing and either observe or ask them how they solve those pain points today.

Keep in mind, however, that sometimes users don’t know they had a problem until they’re shown the solution (your product). Just remember that you’re there to observe, listen and learn – not to sell your test subject on your product idea.Sometimes, your users are out there in the real world, but sometimes they are more easily accessible online (for example, on discussion forums, Facebook groups, and online review sites like Yelp or Epinions, etc.If possible, schedule a Skype call with them.) Ask them open-ended questions about the tasks they go about doing in the identified problem domain and the pain they are experiencing.Ideally, it looks something like this: Methodology, tools and techniques for validating the product or solution: You can use landing page tests to market and sell your product before it even exists.Now, drive relevant, targeted traffic to your landing page using some marketing channel (free or paid) – Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, or anything else you can think of. In this post I will draw on what I’ve learned over the years, through first-hand experiences and other sources and leave you with a validation framework that I hope you’ll be able to use.

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