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We put you in touch with millions of others seeking a marital affair or a more satisfying sex life, the variety of new members is fantastic.Never has Adult dating been more relevant or fun, an increase in sexual activity and stimulation with minimal effort.So I decided that this club would be as far removed from those places as possible.

Of the many swingers' clubs around, a number have a policy of excluding single men, and I found I was made to feel inadequate and unwelcome at those that I did attend, just because I was unmarried or had no partner to take.

Single men usually subsidise those parties and so often we are made to pay double to join an adult dating website or attend a party.

The parties are arranged in a professional manner and nothing is left to chance when they are put on, though there are only a few each year.

I intend to bust your preconceptions about what a sex club should be like, though whether I survive the legions of prudes, is another matter.

My preference is for unattached young women under 30, very pretty, educated and sophisticated, who love cum and enjoy being the centre of attention with a group of decent men for the evening and who are reliable.

It will be a single girl at each event which is a true gangbang (not the more usual 'orgy'), and means she's there because she enjoys parties and is able to manage more than one man at once, and is a confident, skilled, sexual courtesan.

I am now noted for having the best looking girls, who have a slim figure, are friendly and like the company of men.

I am very choosy about who I ask along and they will not be the usual overweight, unattractive, middle-aged mums or swingers that you normally find at these sorts of parties.

Many categorically state, 'no single men', so this club is my response to that, and has been set up purely for single men and women.

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