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Ukrainian political scientist Vadim Karasev also said this is a "symmetrical response." "If Russia didn’t stop this, then it means that Ukraine doesn’t need to stop either.A symmetrical response was needed to halt the search for saboteurs," he said.The two major goals are to persecute former Ukrainian troops who moved over into serving in Russia’s army after 2014 and to engage retired officers of Ukraine’s Armed Forces in reconnaissance, sabotage and terrorist activities, the paper says.

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"Linked In has a stable audience which has been using the service for a long time, first of all for international contacts, they know how to bypass the block, that’s why the service won’t lose its audience," he said.

Director General of the You Do online marketplace, Denis Kutergin, believes that Link You could be used as a dating site rather than for professional communications.

Another diplomatic source said it is not expected that the two Russian servicemen may be released soon.

There are more than 40 Russian citizens captured by Ukraine and talks on a swap are "not a rapid process," he said.

A spokesperson for Rosatom said the company understands the customer’s position and "is ready to provide extensive support for Vietnam when the country decides to return to implementing the national nuclear program." The Vietnamese government has not ruled out such a possibility, promising to give Russia and Japan a priority.

Vietnam’s authorities still plan to cooperate with Russia in other infrastructure projects, the paper says.A source close to Russia’s diplomatic circles told RBC that the activities of Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) are a response to the two arrests of suspected Ukrainian saboteurs in Crimea by Russia’s special services."This is an exchange of provocations as part of a hybrid war," a lawmaker of Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada told the paper.Russia promised to earmark bln as part of a loan, and the overall project was estimated at bln.However, the contract for the NPP construction was not signed and the plans to launch the construction had been postponed several times.The project was launched roughly over a month ago, and is owned by Igor Molka.

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