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I’m not saying we should go back to settling every dispute with our fists. During one of my counter terrorist training workshops for United Airlines, I first met Lola.

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I'm speaking to you today not just as a training expert but as a father and a husband... You see, I learned something a long time ago about protecting yourself. I spent years building up my body and becoming stronger. If you’re a police officer or serve in the military you learn to read a situation better than ordinary citizens. Having worked in law enforcement, Mike will tell you there's an important pattern with attack crimes you need to know. If you go with him, something horrible will happen to you. Most people resist reality even when reality is about to KILL them. Good people don’t go to bad places, bad people go where good people are. If you're worried confronting this means accepting the world is a bad place, don't. The Brachial Stun is a legit, one-strike knockout technique.

Active service teaches you what violence REALLY looks like. There's usually a crime scene “A” AND a crime scene “B”. Where the attack starts isn't always where it ends. If the attacker tries to move you from one location to another, it shows they're NOT in control. Call it polite society, call it fear of looking stupid... But there ARE people who do BAD things in this world. People who want to hurt you or your family go where there are people. Step 1: Swing your forearm from the side with a slight downward angle into the side of your attacker's lower neck.

You see, there’s a problem with how we see violence in this country and it’s why most people go to pieces when bad things happen… Instead, you'll see the problem cowering like a scared little animal behind the sofa. Modern life no longer requires us to have the mental strength we need to hunt for food or fight for survival. If an attacker has a plan for you, most will want to take the victim from one location to another. people will watch a situation go south and not do a thing for as long as possible. And they're not just "on the other side of town" or "in a shady neighborhood". Or attackers sit in bushes preying on women walking through the park. You are basically whipping a relaxed limb horizontally into the side of your attacker's neck.

Back when I was a kid, we lived in a more physical era to put it mildly. Landing any part of the forearm will be effective and create a nervous system stun.Personals of attached women who don't get enough and need more. Join Adult Friend Finder so you'll always find new hot friends here!For couples and singles interested in swinging lifestyle. Free Sex Personal ads, how to find something real, how to find a new sex partner. I've only been with a girl once and that was like back in high school.And that’s why it pays to have the world’s foremost expert in preparing you for anything on your side. Whether you keep your cool and live to fight another day... You see, Lola was one of United's most experienced cabin crew.Meet Mike Gillette, world renowned tactical trainer and fear management expert who has trained more elite agents and individuals in the art of handling “complex” situations than anyone else. Mike Gillette was one of the smallest and weakest kids in his class who grew up in a household overwhelmed by domestic violence and substance abuse. She was 70 years old and an old-school customer service pro.but the truth is police report after police report points to the same thing: Ordinary people get it wrong when dealing with violent offenders. My name is Mike Westerdal, SPC (Strength Psychology Certified). Sure, there’s the fear of being embarrassed but what if your intuition is right and you do nothing…? Only use this technique in self defense under the appropriate legal, ethical and moral circumstances.

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