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When they are somebody else’s children, it may be more difficult to establish the same relationship.

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Thus, the results don’t generalize to the cheating world in general.

However, the findings were nevertheless informative. Of the 77 participants who responded (22 men and 55 women, ages 23-63), 73% were currently married.

This first-person true story raises a whole set of related questions: Is kissing enough to change a friendship into an affair? If the kissing progresses farther, at what point is the affair likely to threaten each person’s marriage or primary relationship.

According to author Amy Calhoun, it’s fine to kiss a friend without putting the marriage in jeopardy. In fact, attraction to other people seemed to her to be a normal aspect of marriage, even happy marriages.

The number of extramarital affairs they reported ranged from 1 to 22, with an average of about 4, and most of these were ongoing relationships rather than one-night stands, lasting more than 1 year and, in some cases, as long as 5.

They were most likely to contact each other by cellphone, meeting mainly at hotels, one partner’s home, work, or in cars.

Since you have different ways of solving problems, it’s likely that these problems will never get resolved.

If one partner is the type of person who shares all their intimate thoughts, but their partner is not, this can cause problems.

There is a big difference between how people react to their own children and how they react to children they have become parent to.

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