Rebecca and daniel biggest loser still dating

"We're four-and-four -- it's Rebecca, Shay, Daniel and myself, and then it's Rudy, Allen, Liz and Danny." "There are four younger people and four older people -- you kind of know how they're going to vote," explained Danny. That red line totally sways the game." Trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels subsequently learned about the double elimination and expressed surprise about the red line.The trainers then asked the contestants for a moment of privacy and discussed Shay's situation.

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"It's not just physical." The contestants then worked out, as Jillian worked with Shay and asked her push beyond her limits.

Afterward, the older alliance took a moment to discuss some strategy.

I couldn't have said that nine weeks ago." ninth eighth-season episode began following the previous elimination of Tracey Yukich with host Allison Sweeney telling to the eight remaining contestants they would face a double elimination at the next weigh-in.

"Not only will there be a yellow line this week, there will also be a red line," explained Allison.

"We're talking as far as scenarios, if Liz fell below the yellow line with anybody, that she would be safe because I don't see her as a threat," explained Allen.

"Everyone else in the house would look at it that way too." Rudy and Liz also thought the younger alliance would vote with their friends.The eight contestants then met Allison at a circus for their next challenge and learned that they'd be competing for immunity. I guess she felt we had some sort of alliance," said Rudy in a confessional.Each contestant would have to jump through their opponents' hoops and every time they did, they would get one point. "Rudy said, 'Hey, if we're the last two in the game, guess what? "She felt that something that was said earlier on meant that I was going to knock her out at all and I would go against everybody else before I went against her.Amanda Arlauskas, a 19-year-old patient care technician from Butler, NJ, and Liz Young, a 49-year-old salesperson from Lewisburg, TN, were both forced to sit out due to medical reasons.The challenge was won by Allen Smith, a 44-year-old firefighter/EMT from Columbus, IN, with Rebecca Meyer, a 25-year-old student/nanny from Des Moines, IA, finishing second."The person with the lowest percentage of weight loss at the weigh in this week will automatically fall below the red line and be sent home immediately.

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