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As of 2006 the ZMR was extended to include additional personal details from the civil registers; It is envisaged to include records from even more government databases.

Permanent access to the ZMR is granted to some profession that require regular residence checks like lawyers, banks, professional associations and collection agencies.

In Belgium, a change of address must be declared to the municipality within eight days of its occurrence.

The municipality verifies the change of address by sending a police or municipal officer to the new address.

It is still debated how much more information will be attached to the national identification number when the federal resident register is activated.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no central administration of resident registration in Germany.

Voter registration has a residency requirement and is used for jury assignments and other government tasks.

A person's current address is often registered for state-issued identification cards and driver licenses.This system formed an important part in the pass laws, one of the dominant features of South Africa's apartheid system, after the Native Laws Amendment Act and the Abolition of Passes and Co-ordination of Documents Act of 1952 regularized their use. Canada does not have compulsory registration of residence, though residence information needs to be disclosed in many situations, such as voter registration, passport application, provincial health care card, and updated in relation to drivers licences, motor vehicle registration, and many other purposes. Refusing or neglecting to answer questions for the United States Census, such as current address, is punishable by fines of 0, for a property or business agent to fail to provide correct names for the census is punishable by fines of 0, and for a business agent to provide false answers for the census is punishable by fines of ,000.Neither the federal government of the United States nor any U. Registrants in the Selective Service System (conscription in the United States) must notify Selective Service within 10 days of any changes to any of the information he provided on his registration card, like a change of address.If the change of residence is confirmed it is registered in the municipal and national registers and the resident or residents concerned must present themselves to the municipal administration to have their national identity card and any motor vehicle registration papers updated.The change of address is forwarded by the municipality to social security agencies. É por esta razão que utilizamos cookies de forma a melhorar os nossos sites, disponibilizar informações com base nos seus interesses e interagir com as redes sociais.

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