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The mixture is crushed and fed into a rotary kiln, which is an iron pipe, 60-90 m long and approximately 6 m in diameter.

The pipe is rotated and heated to about 1700 K by flame inside of it.

The clinker is ground to a fine powder and mixed with calcium sulfate (gypsum) to make the familiar grey fine powder.

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About 7500 tonne of ground raw material (known as raw meal) are required for that output.

The photo was taken at a cement works in Maryland, US.

Limestone and other products derived from it are used extensively in the construction industry and to neutralise acidic compounds in a variety of contexts.

1500 K to form calcium oxide, known as quicklime: Water can be added to lime to form calcium hydroxide. Solid calcium hydroxide is known as slaked lime or hydrated lime, and solutions and suspensions in water as milk of lime.

It has been used for over 6000 years, since the buildings of Ancient Greece and Rome.

When these buildings are renovated, lime mortar is used rather than cement.

Limestone has been used as a building material since the Stone Age.

Indeed, the largest use of limestone and the various forms of lime is still in the construction industry, particularly in road building and building projects, from vast in size, bridges and skyscrapers, to houses.

The lakes are sprayed with very finely powdered calcium carbonate (Figure 7).

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