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We have seen that a cliff or a road cut is a local "geologic cross-section" -- a side view of the geology at one location.

Include all the events which can be inferred from the drawing.

List which relative dating principles apply to the order of each event.

What is the approximate elevation of the Colorado River (shown by the arrow pointing downwards)? Question 6: On the South Half, which rock unit is likely to be the youngest (most recent)? Question 7: On the South Half, we can also notice that many faults have occurred in the area of the Cheops Pyramid.

These are the dark lines that slice through the rock formations.

Also an igneous intrusion is present (labeled T) and a fault is present (labeled A).

Question 3: What is the sequence of events that can be inferred from the above cross-section?

This map displays the large-scale (also called "regional") geologic features they have inferred are present beneath the landscape.

Along with these geologic maps, we can reconstruct a regional geologic cross-section which would be like a great "geologic slice" through the landscape.

Applying the principles of relative dating to these rock exposures (also called "outcrops"), we can reconstruct the sequence of events that created the geologic features which we see.

Events can be the deposition of a sedimentary layer, the eruption of a lava flow, the intrusion of magma to form a batholith, a fault (break) in the rock that shifts one side relative to the other side (and causes an earthquake), a fold that bends and distorts rock layers, or any number of other geologic processes.

Question 2: What is the sequence of events that can be inferred from the above cross-section?

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