Relative dating webquest

The Stone Age section has a quiz to test your survival skills, a description of tools and animals, a discussion of culture and creativity, and more.The Natural World section includes an Ice Age timeline with “cold” facts, and an interactive timeline of the warm/cold cycle.Virtually the Ice Age This section of the Creswell Crags museum site explores early Ice Age man and his landscape.

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Visit the Stonehenge Dig section for video of the historic Timewatch dig.

Fossil Fragments: The Riddle of Human Origins This offering from Yale University is based on a 2004 exhibition and explores the history of fossil hunting and fossils themselves.

In other parts of the site you can listen to Radio 4 programs on evolution and related topics and watch a 3D tours of dinosaur landscapes.

The Human Evolution section provides an overview of a three million year human journey “from the treetops of Africa to civilisation.” The presentation is a mix of text and graphics supplemented with related BBC links.

The history section is essentially an essay, but the rest of the site is highly visual and features great up-close photos of bronze age and neanderthal skulls.

It also features a helpful (thought somewhat-outdated) Timeline of Evolution, a video tour of the exhibition and related links and books.The Human Lineage Though Time is an excellent interactive timeline.The site also features a glossary of terms and recommended web sites.In Search of Human Origins This National Geographic offering follows a team investigating prehistoric footprints in Botswana.You meet the leader, read reports from the field, and join them in trying to figure out the “puzzle.” Included is an exhibit on Africa as the cradle of evolution, an introduction to Hominids, and a “Hominid Family Album.” There are K-12 classroom ideas a small listing of related links. Atlas of the Human Journey This broad but engaging site from the National Geographic Society employs an interactive globe to explore key historical events and a “genetics journey” to explain personal lineage over tens of thousands of years. BBC History: Archaeology This is an informative and engaging site from the BBC.Becoming Human Presented by the Institute of Human Origins, Becoming Human is an impressive and regularly updated site that explores human evolution in “a broadband documentary experience” with video, articles, news and debates in paleoanthropology and a Web guide.

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