Richard jeni dating song

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“It was magic; we had it all figured out and things were good, and we were happy, he was happy,” she remembered.

But that happiness turned to utter sadness when Richard Jeni suddenly took his own life in March.

Verboten is a fairly common word meaning 'forbidden.' I believe that its usage in the page is perfectly reasonable.

Maybe its American usage is confined to the Great Lakes, but I've heard it all the time throughout my life, so it seems fairly commonplace.

He was under a doctor’s psychiatric care and taking medication.

But did Amy recognize that Jeni was spinning out of control?

--Interiot , 8 December 2005 (UTC) The lyrics sites I can find mostly refer to the Edmund Fitzgerald as "it", but my memory is that Lightfoot calls her "she", in the original version.

I don't actually have the recording; can someone check this? The link to this word takes you to a German Wikipedia page. An English word should be substituted for "verboten".

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