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The only difference between US and THEM (the general population) is that we KNOW what we have and we can do something about it.

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One important goal of research on teen dating violence is to understand which youth are more vulnerable to experiencing violence in their relationships.

Identifying youth at risk for violence increases the likelihood of early intervention and prevention.

Also, if you find out that your partner already has the virus for genital herpes, then you don’t have to worry about giving them an STD that they ALREADY have! If you want to be tested anonymously for Herpes or other STDs, check out services like Get*, and others listed on our page for Herpes Diagnosis.

Condoms: These will only help prevent transmission if the area that they cover is the same as the area where you or your partner has outbreaks or asymptomatic shedding.

If you have herpes – or are dating someone with herpes, this page tells you how reduce your risk of spreading herpes to you partners, or how to reduce your risk of getting herpes from your partner.

By using these practices, many people have been successful in NOT spreading herpes to their partner(s). But if you follow these practices, you’ll be doing yourself and your partners a favor.Remember, @ 30% of US Adults have genital herpes, but 90% of them DON’T KNOW IT.Asking your partner(s) to get tested prior to your getting involved may seem awkward, but unless you and your partner don’t care about spreading STD’s, it’s a very reasonable thing to ask someone to do.Some have proven benefits, while others are bogus, and still others need more study. Herpes Self-Monitoring: Some people can *tell* that they might be having an HSV-1 or HSV-2 outbreak – because they feel a tingling or other sensation – even if it never turns into a sore or any other visible symptom.It has not been determined whether or not any herbal or natural supplements have any effect on reducing the risk of HSV-1 or HSV-2 transmission. Many people feel things like this in advance of a real outbreak.Frankly, now that herpes is so easy to diagnose via type-specific blood tests, everyone should be doing this.

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