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(WOMENSENEWS)—Ramita married when she was 12 years old and her husband was 15.

She describes it as a “love marriage” – she chose her husband and decided to marry him. Ramita’s choice is a reflection of how marriage-related decisions are changing in South Asia.

Children need to be protected from marrying for the same reason there are age limits for other behavior — drinking, driving, joining the army, using a gun: maturity, both physical and psychological, comes gradually, and children need protection as they mature.

The government of Nepal claims to be working to end all child marriages, and this campaign should include children who marry out of love.

When he comes to visit they quarrel and he hits her.

“I want to leave him, but I can’t because of my son,” said Ramita.

Because dating remains taboo in some communities, gossip can lead to a rushed marriage to “legitimize” a relationship.

Lack of information about, or access to, contraception and the dire social consequences of pre-marital pregnancy mean children sometimes marry due to pregnancy or even just the fear of pregnancy.

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