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I told her I wouldnt beg for her attention or settle for table scraps from her.

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Pierce - whos fumbling for his next move Hi Pierce, You noticed a little less affection from Haley and you call it nothing major?

A little less affection from your woman is always major, pal.

Were in month number 10 and up until now, everything has been going really fine.

As of late I started to notice a little less affection, but nothing major.

Guys, youre going to check her Interest Level for 60 days, then for the next 22 months youre going to study her Attitude. Did you ask if it was because her Interest Level is below 50%? But you dont get it, Pierce, and so you acted like a wuss. Because when her interest in you is somewhere below the Mason-Dixon Line, youre out. Haley was right about waiting until a year goes by for marriage. All you did was verify that she has low Interest Level.

But youre telling me that you didnt exactly have nine months and two weeks of bliss and then all of a sudden, boom, in the space of two weeks Haleys Interest Level plummeted like a dud NASA spaceship from 95% to 51%. You cant raise her Interest Level once it hits 49%. Did you get in her face and demand, Come on, Haley, give it to me straight, tell me the truth for once! And you reinforced that low Interest Level by popping the question.

In the past she said that she wouldnt be comfortable marrying someone before dating them for at least a year, so Im assuming I just jumped the gun by trying to pop the question.

But I want to know how I can maintain this relationship and how I should move forward.

Haleys Interest Level after the cruise was back up, all right temporarily. You have to wait two years before you even approach a decision like that. She warmed up because you finally showed her you had some cojones (maybe not real big ones, but at least you forced a conversation). Instead of sitting there in the parking lot (and remember how many times Ive told you guys to stay out of the car! If you want to go out after 30 days, give me a call.

The rule is that you can get engaged at the end of two years, and thats when shes so in love with you she cant stand to wait anymore and has to be around you all the time. Youre just trying to give Haley some wiggle room so she can help you back in. Women with 49% Interest Level or less dont help you. ) pouring your guts out, you should have told Haley, You go your way and Ill go mine. Like my cousin General Love says, When its wartime, its hardball time. Shell yo-yo you and toss you her scraps, and then itll end. And youll repeat your mistakes with another dream girl.

Should I keep withdrawing and playing my System role or should I be more open and let her know my feelings?

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