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Despite the extended public interest, Diana’s case is nothing new.Based upon Interior Ministry statistics, the Anna Center’s Sinelnikov estimates that around 4,000 rapes are registered each year.

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Malakhov also played a video from one of Diana's social media accounts — discovered by Semyonov’s mother — that showed her riding drunk in the passenger seat of a car with some visibly older men and singing along to a song about sex and drugs.

This demonstrates “how much the myth that women provoke sexual violence exists in the minds of Russians,” says Andrei Sinelnikov, deputy director of the Anna Center, an NGO helping victims of domestic violence.

Video bloggers continue to debate Diana’s case — likely both out of sincere interest and a desire to drive traffic by discussing a popular topic.

In a March 6 video, blogger Konstantin Prekrashev declared, “I won’t f---ing stop making videos about Diana as long as the white man remains the most oppressed person on Earth and women take advantage of the fact that they have a c--- between their legs.” It was his fourth video about Diana.

Diana contends that the television studio did her hair and makeup and chose her outfit.

The panelists aggressively interrogated Diana about how much vodka she drank and what she expected when she went into the room alone with Semyonov.“Sadly, this tells us that violence is habitual, unconscious, and permissible for members of our society,” she told The Moscow Times.On March 31, 2016, a group of young men rented a house on the edge of Ulyanovsk, a town in central Russia, to celebrate a friend’s 20th birthday.The case went to court and, in December 2016, the judge ruled that Semyonov knew Diana was underage and understood that she did not want to have sex with him.Semyonov was sentenced to eight years in a prison colony for “rape” and “violent acts of a sexual nature.” An appellate court later reduced his sentence to three years and three months.Eventually, Diana and Semyonov ended up alone in a room in the house.

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