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After five to seven hours into the flight, no lifesigns were being received from Laika.By the fourth orbit it was apparent that Laika had died from overheating and stress.The new evidence was presented at the recent World Space Congress in Houston, Texas, US, by Dimitri Malashenkov of the Institute for Biological Problems in Moscow.

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The animal had been a stray wandering the streets of Moscow when she was captured and prepared for a space mission.

Shortly after launch the Soviets said that Laika was not destined to return alive and would die in space. Racing pulse Dr Malashenkov has now revealed several new details about Laika's mission, such as her food being in jelly form and that she was chained to prevent her turning around.

Once back on earth the changes in the environment can also affect their functional impairments such as their ability to control vehicles and it can affect their health due to their reduced lack of cardio functions while in space.

The dog Laika, the first living creature to orbit the Earth, did not live nearly as long as Soviet officials led the world to believe.

s Aidyn Aimbetov landing some 146 kilometers (90 miles) southeast of town of Dzhezkazgan, Kazakhstan They were taken by helicopter to the Astana, where Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev gave them a red-carpet reception.

"You've spent so much time in space, but you look great," Mr Nazarbayev told Mr Padalka.The animal, launched on a one-way trip on board Sputnik 2 in November 1957, was said to have died painlessly in orbit about a week after blast-off.Now, it has been revealed she died from overheating and panic just a few hours after the mission started."There are 200 states in the world, but not all of them get the luck of sending their citizens into space."We are one of those rare cases - and we have launched three cosmonauts already, not one." Mr Padalka replied: "I congratulate you on your cosmonaut and all of us on the successful completion of our work." Mr Mogensen said the crew had had "a fantastic mission" at the ISS, whose nine members represented five different nationalities at the time.It takes a year for them to see their bones recover and have to undergo a special rehabilitation programme.

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