Ryan reynolds and anna faris dating

“We tried really hard for a long time and we’re really disappointed,” the amicable exes wrote in a joint statement shared via Facebook and Instagram.

“Our son has two parents who love him very much and for his sake we want to keep the situation as private as possible moving forward.

But I never bought that,” Faris, 40, wrote in an adapted essay from her new book, Unqualified, featured in Cosmopolitan’s October issue.

“The idea of your mate being your best friend — it’s overhyped.

I really believe that your partner serves one purpose and each friend serves another.” The House Bunny actress, who split from husband Pratt, 38, in August after eight years of marriage, explained that in her 20s, she prided herself on being a “guys’ girl,” but only later realized how “lame” that seemed.

“Back then, I thought that having the approval of my stoner guy friends was go greater value than having the approval of beautiful blonde sorority girls, so I touted my male friends as if my association with them spoke to how cool I really was,” she continued.

“It’s hard to do but she’s coming to work with a smile on her face and knows her lines and is as professional as ever.

Everyone there loves and supports her and we’re just surrounding her with love. One who respects that you are a comedy goddess who knows no match? Chris Pratt is that guy for Anna Faris, and isn't afraid to let the world know just how funny he thinks his wife is. Pratt — who, like all of us, hasn't gotten "Forgiveness" out of his head for over a decade — tweeted, "So funny!!! The actor soon began retweeting fans' favorite lines, like "SORRY I'M NOT THE MOST BORING PERSON EVER!!! It's also particularly sweet, considering it's a totally random reminder that he thinks the actress is the funniest lady ever.The news arrives two months after Faris and Pratt announced their separation after eight years of marriage."We are sad to announce we are legally separating," the actress announced in an Instagram post."We tried hard for a long time, and we're really disappointed.“I don’t get to read the script, because I’m so bad at keeping secrets.”Knowing that Faris similarly has to keep the details about her spouse’s galactic adventures under lock and key, we asked her how she’s able to avoid revealing any spoiler-iffic MCU details in casual conversation.

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