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What is the worst that can happen to you at a competition? Robin: To present yourself in a way, so that others can't see what your capable of. The Olympics pairs free skate was supposed to be a showdown between the top two figure skating pairs in the world.

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Other than listening to music, Savchenko said she had no time for other hobbies, although she likes to read.

Szolkowy enjoys working on and riding his motorcycle and playing other sports.

I knew him already from the Junior Worlds where I came first and he came tenth. Then I saw a poster with figureskaters in Kiev and I said: "I want to do that too".

So I told my mother there was a dark boy in Germanythat wanted to skate with me and I knew him and thought it might be a good match"Szolkowy had thought his pairs career was over after his partner left and wasactually skating synchro when he got the offer to try out with Savchenko. "I saw skating on television and was fascinated by it," she recalled. I changed to pairs when I was 16 because I couldn't see a future in singles. Ingo Steuer coaches the talented couple, who train at Chemnitz in Germany. When Iwas 4 my dad brought me to practice at a sports school,but the coach there said, 'you are still too small, come backnext year'.

"So I tolda German journalist that I was looking for a new partner.

He asked some Germancoaches and told me about Robin. Aliona: With my dad I already always played on skates as a3-year old child on a lake. Stolbova and Klimov are good, like top five in the world good, but they aren't Volosozhar and Trankhov.On Wednesday night, they showed that they should be taken seriously after deliver clean throws and tricks one after another.Savchenko spends much of her off ice time studying German, with classes three times a week. Szolkowy is part of the sports division of the German Army, where he has worked for the last year and a half. After her partner retired in 2002, Savchenko wanted to continue skating and soughtanother partner.

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