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Percival "Perry" Cox, a steamroller of a man short on patience. tries to persuade a smoker patient to quit smoking in order to impress Dr. Elliot's attitude towards Carla annoys her, thus Turk is able to go on a date with Carla, when he convinces her to forgive Elliot. Elliot fights with Kelso for calling her "sweetheart," and she seeks Dr. Statistically speaking, one of the three is going to die. Watching over the interns with a caustically teasing but caring demeanor, is nurse Carla Espinosa, a woman who is motherly and sexy at the same time - which appeals mightily to Turk.

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Benson, the ex-chief of medicine, who is also a patient at the hospital. He really needs the surgery, but doesn't have the insurance to pay for it.

Elliot finally rebels against being everyone's doormat, and J. Bober, has been admitted, because he needs his gall bladder removed.

Turk is upset because he wasn't chosen to assist on a difficult surgery and Elliot is criticized during rounds by Dr. Carla and Turk are arguing about dating other people. Jordan has returned to get a physical and a new patient, Mr. My Overkill Season 2 Episode 1 Relationships between the staff of Sacred Heart Hospital have been shaken since Jordan's revelations.

My Occurrence Season 1 Episode 22 Jordan's brother Ben is admitted at Sacred Heart for having an accident with a nail gun. My Hero Season 1 Episode 23 Ben takes the news of his diagnosis pretty well - at least better than his sister Jordan and J. Meanwhile, Turk and Elliot have their own issues to deal with. D.'s last day as an intern, and soon he will become a resident.

Kelso picks him over a female surgeon to spend a weekend in Mexico. finds out that wearing a white coat doesn't make him a better doctor, but is upset by having Dr. Cox, who still believes in treating patients for their best health, instead of trying to get some attention from the hot Ms. My Fruit Cups Season 2 Episode 8 When an expectant Jordan shows up unexpectedly, Cox is forced to choose between her and his new love, Julie. Carla encourages Elliot to stand up to her father, when he pressures her to pick a specialty more "suitable for a woman." My Lucky Day Season 2 Episode 9 Ever since her father cut her off financially, Elliot's been feeling the weight of the world on her back. Cox and the two dispute over who gets to give the better treatment to two patients with the same prognosis. think he's lost his mojo when he can't even kiss the giftshop girl while they go out on a date. bonds with a patient, who is waiting for a heart transplant and discusses with her their idea of what death must be like.

Turk is thrown out of a patient's funeral for not knowing his name and feels even worse because earlier he made a bet with Dr. My First Step Season 2 Episode 7 All of the male doctors are euphoric due to the visit of Julie Keaton, the pharmaceutical sales rep, except for Dr. Turk tries to talk Carla into entering a practitioner nurse course, so she won't be so underestimated by the doctor's staff. and Turk take advantage of the hospital's supply closet for sleep, when they take on extra shifts at a free clinic to supplement their income. and Turk think they've got bad karma after hitting a car and causing an accident, while playing golf on the hospital roof. Cox bends over backwards to give Jordan as much comfort as possible on her labor day, and she confesses to J. But he is surprised when he finds Nick sitting in a corner crying because he can't take the pressure of medical internship. Cox gives Turk a very unique suggestion on how to calm down before surgery. But Turk quickly becomes the target of a new publicity campaign led by Dr. and Turk become heroes after saving a cameraman's life on TV, while heading to a strip club. My Heavy Meddle Season 1 Episode 16 When a rampaging Dr. Turk suffers from his back after operating with Dr. Carla and Jordan hit a sore spot when Carla gives her opinion on Jordan and Perry's relationship. My Brother, My Keeper Season 2 Episode 14 Turk is still waiting for Carla to answer his proposal and asks his brother to stay over a few days to help him deal with it. Turk keeps asking Carla to marry him, but she still won't give an answer. Cox feels the pressure he puts on himself everyday: His psychiatrist, his subordination to Dr. My Bed Banter & Beyond Season 1 Episode 15 After going to bed and spending an entire day having sex, J. and Elliot go to work trying to hide their new secret romance, but everybody already knows it. My New Coat Season 2 Episode 5 Elliot sleeps with a handsome doctor she hardly knew and soon becomes the hospital tramp. Cox throw in his face that he made another mistake. Kelso is just dying for an opportunity to lash out his anger on Dr. While having to find a new affordable place to live, she also has to face the threat of being sued by a patient whom she told he had only eight months to live. My Monster Season 2 Episode 10 Elliot still doesn't have a place to live. Turk and Carla are having romance problems, because she feels he's not being as generous to her as she is to him. Cox freaks out when he lets Jordan move in to his place due to her pregnancy. Elliot puts her foot down and demands a feminine locker room from Dr. Turk decides it's time to propose to Carla, but a kid swallows the engagement ring. Kelso and one of the nicest doctors around befriends J. Elliot accidentally finds out the sex of Jordan's baby, becoming the object of Dr. His Story Season 2 Episode 15 Elliot meets a nice guy at the bar, but freaks out when she finds out he's a male nurse at Sacred Heart. Meanwhile, Turk snaps at Carla when she steals fries from his plate. Kelso becomes less fearsome to the wide-eyed interns, when Dr. In addition, a perplexed Carla and Turk deal with their first sexual intimacy complication. Meanwhile, Turk elects to partner with Elliot on a research project so that he can maneuver her back with his buddy J. has a patient who's rude to him and the nurses and eventually dies from cancer. My Old Man Season 1 Episode 19 An assortment of moms and dads descend on their offspring at home and in the workplace. D.'s father is a gregarious yet lonely divorcee who's desperately trying to be just one of the guys.

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