Sedating your cat for travel

Few felines won’t be frightened by traveling, even if it’s in the comfort of your own car.

There is no ultimate way to guarantee that your cat will be comfortable while traveling, but there are a few things which can improve the journey in significant ways.

Our cats had different life experiences prior to their plane rides.

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In summary, it is possible for a cat to travel safely & comfortably on a plane without being sedated.

Cats are independent (but sometimes quite vulnerable) creatures and when it comes to the indoor cat, traveling with your feline pet can be quite tricky.

None of them were sedated (vet advised against sedation), they were all very well behaved both in the airport going through TSA screening as well as in the plane under the seat in front of me.

(I did not take them at the same time.) I feel creating a safe hiding place is important to help keep cats calmer in potentially stressful situations.

Taking it on short drives will help prepare it for the ride.

However, not all bus or train companies and drivers will allow you to travel with a feline, so you’ll need to make sure that you can bring your pet on board before the actual trip takes place.I bought a soft-sided carrier and left it in the kitchen where all the cats like to hang out; I occasionally threw cat treats or catnip in to the carrier.As Xander’s travel date approached I specifically worked with him with treats & voice commands so he would voluntarily enter the carrier. On travel day I kept the carrier covered with the towel that I had used in the months leading up to the flight.They flew in November 2015 when they were 14 years old.(My son handled Momo, I had Shiro.) They are now 16.It took about 6 weeks of constant interaction to get them comfortable with being touched by people.

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