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Commons Speaker John Bercow also cautioned that MPs should not deny the 'need for change'.

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MPs employ their own staff, but the Commons overhauled its procedures several years ago in a bid to offer around 2,000 House officials more protection from abuse by politicians.

The 'Respect' policy allows for cases against MPs to be taken to the standards committee and ruling House of Commons commission if disciplinary action is deemed to be required.

Tory aides have put together the dirty dossier which includes the specific details of the accusations inappropriate or even criminal behaviour at work.

The Prime Minister's official spokesman made clear today that she would not hesitate to punish MPs found to have behaved inappropriately.

One response stated: 'I think badges risk making younger/junior staff – especially women – more vulnerable.

'Harassment and rude/inappropriate comments by MPs to staff are still, regrettably, commonplace.' Another added: 'I am not comfortable with the prospect of people staring at my chest in order to find out who I am.''Make no mistake, there is a need for change.'Mr Bercow called on the Commons standards committee to beef up the code of conduct for MPs to include a new rule that 'a member must treat all those who work in parliament with dignity, courtesy and respect', as recommended by the parliamentary commissioner for standards.The spokesman also refused to say that Mrs May had confidence in International Trade minister Mark Garnier, who faces a formal probe into claims he made his secretary Caroline Edmondson buy sex toys for him and called her 'sugar t*ts' in public.He denies sexual harassment and says the allegations are exaggerated.Theresa May has written to Commons Speaker John Bercow (pictured today) to demand a shake-up of 'toothless' disciplinary procedures.The House introduced a 'Respect' policy several years ago in a bid to enhance protection for its own staff'I do not believe that this situation can be tolerated any longer.Theresa May today vowed to act against MPs found to be sex pests and refused to say she has confidence in a serving minister - after a 'dirty dossier' surfaced about Tory politicians.

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