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Part of the reason for this has to do with universities and colleges like Purdue and Indiana University Bloomington.Students of all nationalities, sexual persuasions and faiths are quite common in these areas, with many of them remaining in the state after they graduate.With its close proximity to Chicago, Michigan City is an extremely predominant player when it comes to LGBT rights within La Porte County and the state of Indiana.

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Home sales in certain areas of the state reflect a resurgence of economic growth.

This is, in part, due to the acceptance of the state to embrace members of the LGBT community.

Bloomington is extremely diverse when it comes to cultures from across the world.

It is also a prime area for members of the LGBT community who are thinking of moving to Indiana to attend school or find work.

Indiana is one of many states throughout the country that offers marriage equality, in terms of gay and lesbian relationships.

Gay and lesbian rights have been the focus of many debates throughout the state, with unwavering support for the LGBT community.

The other night spot, the Connection, is also geared towards members of the LGBT community who are interested in meeting others who share their lifestyle and beliefs.

New Albany was the seventh city in the state to take action to protect gay and lesbian rights both in and out of the workplace.

South Bend is much like Bloomington when it comes to social diversity. Mary's University students plays a huge role in the social makeup of the city.

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