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Just to be able to talk about it, to have other people who can give them feedback without the shame and guilt and the discomfort that we culturally have not talking about sex.David: I assume that’s one of the challenges is that culturally, people don’t really want to talk about sex in this type of way anyway.

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Patrick Carnes who wrote the groundbreaking book Out of the Shadows.

And Jes sees a lot of similarity between substance addictions and the concepts of sex addiction that are described in Dr.

“When the addiction has taken over, what we begin to see is that it becomes in essence the ‘perfect best friend.’” But still there is a lot of grey area and even disagreement among the medical community related to sex addiction, which isn’t currently recognized by the DSM-V.

“A lot of [treatment professionals] have the attitude that if you’re not putting something into your body, it can’t be an addiction,” Jes says.

Sometimes being able to say what about and add something that they really want to talk about or they hadn’t thought about but it’s something they’re curious about.

A lot of times the first couple of sessions I get the drama.

He also helped establish the sexual addiction treatment program at the Pine Grove center in Mississippi. Because of the sexual subject matter, some parts of this interview may not be appropriate for children. Met Patrick Carnes, right about the time he published and have tagged along with him and a lot of training’s and so forth as he’s put them together over the last 25, 30 years.

That’s been my area of focus looking at the non-chemical addictions and the struggle with when there’s a process it goes on in your head and it has an addictive overtone. That’s what I’ve mainly been doing with Pine Grove.

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One of the things I talk about this morning, college age students get drunk and it’s pretty much the norm.

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