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I make him draw from my deck of cards, and the suit he chooses determines what I'll be using to strike his bare bottom!

As he bends over my billiard table, I begin delivering painful lashes with my leather whip while counting each one.

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I pound him harder and faster, laughing at his pain and humiliation when he begs me to stop.

I'm sure he feels like he's being broken in half, but I couldn't care less and keep fucking him regardless.

Looking gorgeous in my sexy lingerie, I ask him if he likes my ass and of course he answers that he does.

Well, today I'm going to play a very interesting game with one of my slaves.

Just imagine my warm, wet tongue licking the tip of your cock as you jerk-off, but don't you dare cum yet!

I want you to take your time and get yourself so worked up that it hurts to hold back any longer.If the first strap-on didn't make him cry out in agony, this one definitely will!Sure enough, within seconds he's screaming for me to stop, but he's not about to get any mercy from me.I want you to take that cock out and jerk-off as I continue to drive you crazy with my sexy mouth.I seductively eat these cherries, running my tongue all over them, while you stroke yourself harder and faster.Lessons something go, but skinny friend seized the moment and proceeded to light Masturbation.

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