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I although could not afford to, but thought I should go and be with my wife.

I said to Helen, “No it’s fine, I should go.” Helen said, “I want to be with her, we’ll both go.” I rang my wife Wendy to see how she was.

The phone rang; I answered it, “Hello.” It was my mother in law, Helen, “Hi Tim, it’s Helen; Wendy’s been trying to get hold of you.” I said, “I’ve had trouble with my mobile and have just got home from work.” She sounded to be in a panic and said, “It’s Wendy she’s in hospital.” I asked, “What happened? My wife, a sales assistant travels to see different clients.

” Helen replied, “I don’t know all the details, but the nurse said she’s been in an accident. ” Helen said, “I know you probably can’t go, so I’ll go and be with her and see how she is.” We, my wife Wendy and I have been married for three years. We don’t really have a lot of money; we get by from month to month just about.

I knew where she went; to complain to the clerk, but I thought it would be futile as the clerk had turned the light off in the reception area. Five minutes later she returned and said, “Idiots not there, there’s no one there.” I said, “Don’t worry; I’ll sleep on the floor.” She said nothing and started to go through her bag, she then went into the bathroom. Then looked around to see what I could put on the floor to make my bed while I waited.

There was nothing, but there were two very thin worn blankets. There was a rug, looked clean enough, what I could see of it anyway with the dim light.

She looked at me and said, “This place is shit, blankets are next to useless; the mattress may as well be made of sponge. You wouldn’t get this sort of crap in a hotel.” I walked over to the front door, I turned the light off and it really made no difference.

Moonlight lit the room through the small window and the path to my bed on the floor. I did not have any night clothes as I usually slept with nothing on anyway, just had my boxers on.It was a cold evening and it felt even colder in the car with Helen.Ten, twelve miles later, neon signs glowed in the distance, announcing that they had vacancies.She said that the company would pick up the medical bill and also pay for her to fly back home when she was ready.I did not really get on well with Helen; she always thought of me as a looser and did not want her daughter Wendy marring me.She seemed to be okay, but needed someone to be with her for comfort.

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