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""As ___ Dying""As ___ in point ...""As ___ my witness""As ___ on TV! with "Asylum" star Sylvia"At Last" singer James"At once!

""As is," e.g."As It Happened" memoiris"As It Happens" airer"As Long ___ Needs Me" (""As my final point ...""As old as the hills" and"As one member of the cre"As rust corrupts iron, s"As Time Goes By" choreog"As Time Goes By" request"As Time Goes By" singer "As we have therefore opp"As You Like It" daughter"As You Like It" exile si"As You Like It" forest"As You Like It" hero"As You Like It" lass"As You Like It" role"As You Like It" romantic"As You Like It" servant"As You Like It" setting"As You Like It" woman"As you ___""As ___ and breathe!

""Bless you" preceder"Blitzkrieg Bop" group, w"Blondie" boy"Blondie" cartoonist is n"Blondie" character"Blondie" dog and others"Blondie" kid"Blondie" or "Beetle Bail"Blondie" or "Cathy""Blondie" tyke"Blood and Fire" for the "Blood hath been shed ___"Bloody""Blossom Time," e.g."Blow, Blow, Thou Winter "Blue Chips" actor"Blue Eyes" singer, 1982"Blue Hawaii" star"Blue II" and "Harlequin'"Blue II" painter, 1961"Blue Monday" singer"Blue Moon" composer"Blue Moon" lyricist"Blue River" actress, 199"Blue River" author Canin"Blue Sky" Oscar winner"Blue" bird"Blue" boxer"Blue" or "White" river"Blue-eyed" one in "The T"Blueberry Hill" singer i"Blues Suite" choreograph"Blume in Love" star and "Bo-o-oring""Body Count" rapper"Body Rock" rapper"Bol"Bold Lover, never, never"Bolero" composer"Bolero" star, 1934"Bon appetit! ""Bon ___""Bon" time"Bonanza" airer"Bonanza" brother"Bonanza" deputy and othe"Bonanza" homestead"Bonanza" name"Bonanza" setting"Bonanza" son"Bonanza" star Greene"Bond, ___ Bond""Bones" actress Deschanel"Bonne ___! " (French cry "Bonne ___" (French wish "Book of Days" songstress"Boola Boola" collegian"Boola Boola" collegians"Boola Boola" singer"Boola Boola" singers"Boom" preceder, in song"Boot" in the Mediterrane"Bop 'Til You Drop" band,"Boris Godunov" singer"Boris Godunov," for one"Born Free" feline"Born Free" lioness"Born from jets" automake"Born from jets" company"Born from jets" sloganee"Born in the ___""Born on the Fourth of Ju"Born This Way" singer La"Born to Be Blue" singer"Born Under ___ Sign" (19"Born Yesterday" playwrig"Born ___""Borrows" peremptorily"Borstal Boy" author"Borstal Boy" autobiograp"Boston Legal" Emmy winne"Boston Legal" fig."Both Sides Now," for one"Both work for me""Bottoms up!

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""Argonautica" character"Arise, fair sun, and kil"Armageddon" author"Aroint thee! ""Au Revoir, ___ Enfants""Au Revoir, ___ Enfants" "Au revoir," for example"Auf Wiederseh'n Sweethea"Auf wiedersehen" wisher"Auld Lang ___""Auld" land"Aunt ___ Cope Book""Aunt" with a "Cope Book""Aunt" with a 1979 best s"Auntie Mame" character _"Author!

""Avatar" craft"Ave ___" (Latin prayer)"Aw, quit your joshin'! ""Aw, shucks""Aw, shucks" expressions"Awake and Sing! " playwri"Awake and Sing" playwrig"Away From ___" (Julie Ch"Away in a Manger," for o"Away!

""America the Beautiful" p"America This Morning" ou"America Undercover" aire"America" contraction"America" pronoun"America" singer in "West"America's Most Wanted" a"America's Next Top Model"America, the Beautiful" "American Appetites" nove"American Bandstand" view"American Beauty" directo"American Beauty" hero"American Beauty" prize"American Beauty" setting"American Buffalo" playwr"American Gigolo" star"American Graffiti" actre"American Graffiti" direc"American Graffiti" extra"American Idol" display"American Idol" judge"American Idol" judge Dio"American Idol" judge who"American Idol" quest"American Idol" rating"American Idol" winner __"American Justice" networ"American Me" star, 1992"American Morning" airer"American Morning" home"American Pie" actor Jaso"American Pie" actress"American Pie" actress Re"American Pie" actress Ta"American Pie" beauty"American Pie" singer Don"American Pie" songwriter"American Psycho" author"American __""American ___""Amerika" author"Amerika" novelist"Amistad" studio"Amo, amas, ___ ...""Amores" poet"Amscray!

""As ___ saying ...""As ___" (letter closing)"Ash Wednesday" poet"Ash Wednesday" writer"Ask me anything""Ask! ""At Random" autobiographe"At Seventeen" singer"At Seventeen" singer Jan"At the Milliner's" paint"At the Movies" bit"At the organic market, t"At the ___ Core," 1976 s"At the ___" (1978 song p"At ___, soldier! ," e.g."Atlantic City" director"Atlas Shrugged" author R"Atomic Leda" painter"Atonement" author Mc Ewan"Attaboy!

""..shall bring forth"..___ grow on""..___ the twain sha"..___ yours! ""..___ fowl""...foreign field that is"...gimble in the ___": C"..___ drop""..___ tree""..sad and dreary ev'"'s ___ know""..a big pizza pie,"'ve ___ ghost"..___ not! ""...___ a lender be""...___ a pound""...___ can't get up! ""5,000 Nights at the Oper"54-40 or fight" candidat"57 Varieties" company"6 'N the Mornin'" rapper"6 Rms ___ Vu" (play)"60 Minutes" airer"60 Minutes" corresponden"60 Minutes" duo"60 Minutes" man"60 Minutes" name"60 Minutes" network"60 Minutes" newsman"60 Minutes" pundit Andy"60 Minutes" regular"60 Minutes" reporter"60 Minutes" sound"61 in '61" slugger Roger"7 Faces of Dr.

And God Created Woman"..last in the Ameri"..make it snappy! ""...sting like ___""..sceptred ___": ""..mints ___! ""...under the whelming __" ___ is given""..receipt ___""..fear ___ evil": Bu"..___ of thousands"...woman who lived in __"...___ a good-night! ""...___ they say""...___ thousand times..."...___ will! ""...___ You Ain't My Baby"1, 2, 3" lead-in"1,001 Arabian Nights" he"1-2-3" singer Barry"10 ___ or less" (checkou"10" in a bikini"10" music"10" star"10-4" speaker"100 Centre Street" star"1000 Oceans" singer, 199"101 ___ for a Dead Cat" "11 Harrowhouse" director"12 Angry Men" director"12 Angry Men" role"12 angry men," e.g."12 ___ Men," 58-/46-Acro"1776" role"1876" author"1914" poet"1984" activity"1984" conspirator"1984" figure"1984" land"1984" setting"1984" state"1984" superstate dominat"2, 4, 6, 8 "2, 4, 6, 8 - Who do we a"20 Hrs., 40 Min." author"20 Questions" category /"20,000 Leagues Under the"20,000 Leagues" mate ___"20/20" network"2001" characters"2001" computer"2001" extras"2001" mainframe"2001" processor"2001" stone"2001" studio"2001: A Space Odyssey" s"21 ___""23 ___": Var."24" agent Jack"25 words or less" event"28 Days" subject"28 Flavors" chain, for s"30 Rock" co-star Baldwin"30 Rock" creator"30 Rock" network"48___""48___" (Nick Nolte film)"5 cents," I said, "for Rimsky-Korsakov? ""Am ___ believe "Am ___ believe ...""Am ___ believe ...? "And ___ ask is a tall sh"And ___ bed""And ___ bed": Pepys"And ___ grow on""And ___ the field the ro"And ___ thou slain the J"And ___ Was," 1985 Talki"And ___ word from our sp"And ___...?

___ woodchuck could "..., ___""..that wealth ___ g"..carry ___ stick""... ""...partridge in ___ tree" ___""..down beside ___""..long ___ both shal"..kind of ___? ""...___ forgive our debto"...___ in the affairs of"...___ is in heaven": Ma"...___ man put asunder""...___ old soul""...___ open fire""...___ quit! " (ultimatum"...___ saw Elba""...___ shall die" ("It M"...___ shall die" (1967 "...___ short pier! ""And Winter Came ..." art"And Winter Came ..." sin"And would you like anyth"And you'd better listen! ""Ang"Angel of Light" novelist"Angel""Angela's Ashes" follow-u"Angela's ___""Angela's ___" (1996 best"Angele ___" (Latin praye"Angels in America" figur"Angels of mercy," briefl"Angie Baby" singer"Angie Baby" singer, 1974"Angie" actor, 1994"Animal Farm" author"Animal Farm" locale"Animal Farm," e.g."Animal House" attire"Animal House" beanie spo"Animal House" director"Animal House" figure"Animal House" frat man"Animal House" garb"Animal House" grp."Animal House" house"Animal House" party cost"Animal House" party wear"Animal House" wear"Anitra's Dance" composer"Anna Bolena" or "Anna Ni"Anna Christie" playwrigh"Anna Karenina" author"Annales" poet Quintus __"Anne of Green Gables" se"Anne of the Thousand Day"Annie Get Your Gun" star"Annie" portrayer Quinn a"Annie" showstopper"Annie" song with the lyr"Annuit coeptis" appears "Annus Mirabilis" poet"Another Green World" com"Another Green World" mus"Another Pyramid" musical"Another Time" poet and f"Another time, perhaps""Another ___, Another Sho"Answer the question""Anthropomorphic Bread" p"Anti-D"Antiart" art"Antigonae" opera compose"Antigone" dramatist"Antiques Roadshow" host "Antiques Roadshow" item"Antiques Roadshow" showe"Any bullets in this thin"Any day now ...""Any day now""Any fool can make ___, a"Any fool knows that!

""And that proves it""And that sort of thing":"And that's an ___! ""And that's ___" ("Believ"And the ___ brought him "And the ___ goes to ...""And the ___ raths outgra"And their lies caused th"And then ...? ""And thereby hangs ___""And this is the thanks _"And to those thorns that"And tonight's guest is ."And we'll ___ a cup o' k"And what ___ rare as a d"And what ___ rare as...""And what's he then, that"And When ___," 1969 Bloo"And while ___ the subjec"And who ___?

"A" or "an""A" or "the""A-Tisket, A-Tasket" sing"A.

""A ___'clock scholar""A ___, petal and a thorn"A" in German 101?

""Amazing" debunker of the"Amazing" magician"Amen to that! there you have i"And a Voice to Sing With"And Absalom rode upon __"And after that? " call"anyone lived in a pretty"Anyone's Daughter" autho"Anything but ___! ""Anything you say""Anything you want""Anything ___""Anything ___" (1934 or 1"Anything ___" (Woody All"Anything ___?

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