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You will not engage or participate in any form of harassment, abuse, or otherwise offensive behavior on this Website.

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In these cases we will send an warning email to change those profiles.

We may suspend profiles that do not follow our rules and regulations, without any justification.

We may from time to time utilize the services of persons who are compensated to enhance the service experience of users and you acknowledge same.

The website uses support staff to monitor and moderate the chat system, leading to chat dialogues and conversations with the users.

Previously banned members of the Website are not allowed to return to the Website, and are not allowed to create an account; you will not create a new account if you have been banned from the Website.

We have a system that continuously monitors the contents of profile tests using banned words that are offensive or against Norwegian law.

After you register your profile with us, you must be familiar with our rules.

Remember to check the general conditions of

All information you gain from other members of the Website must be kept confidential.

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