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Another has Manisha Koirala - in the role of a small town Muslim girl - tearing off her burqa and running towards Swamy.

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Mani sir’s (women) characters are usually strong and meaningful.

I am sure mine will be too.” STR is presently busy with his English film, which has dialogues by Gautham Menon and music by Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Already, screening of the Tamil and Telugu versions has been stopped in the theatres of Hyderabad, and in Hubli and Dharwar in northern Karnataka, amidst loud howls of protest.

A film that is ostensibly trying to deal with the inherent mistrust among the two communities has been twisted to become the very source of apprehension and scepticism.

Of course, Bombay, set in late '92 and early '93, has all the touches of the Mani Ratnam magic.

The movie unfolds with two simultaneous stories running up to a bloody climax.

However, observers are quick to point out that if you succumb to one side, you naturally become more vulnerable to similar pressure from the other.

And that, perhaps, is just what is happening in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka now.

One is the romantic tale of Shekhar (Swamy) and Shahla Bano (Koirala), their subsequent marriage and the birth of their twin sons.

The other story is a backdrop depiction of the slow fire that relentlessly stirs the city's communal cauldron, right from the demolition of the Babri Masjid to a violent explosion with the carnage of the Bombay riots.

In Hyderabad, Muslim youths attacked theatres to protest against several scenes which they found objectionable.

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