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You see, once someone has gone through so much time being S.

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If he accepts the match, then she sees his profile. Our website uses the Orthodox system of dating, which means that there is a matchmaker who is the middle-man between both sides.

Contact information entered in the profile is visible only to the matchmaker, who sets up each date and discusses with you how it went.

If you’re “eligible,” the event’s tonight in Brooklyn.

Here’s the link to the Facebook invitation - if you go, please share a report with JDaters Anonymous…inquiring minds wanna know! On the Upper West Side, a memo circulated shortly to rabbis before Simchat Torah, promising $1000 to the person who orchestrates each of the first five matches made over Simchat Torah on the UWS that leads to marriage.

I decided a few years ago that if I dated someone long enough, then even if we weren’t engaged yet I’d probably, how shall we say, “make out” with him, even though I want to get married before having sexual intercourse.

For Orthodox Jews it's forbidden to even shake your boyfriends hand. What if you could never kiss him, hug him or dance with him? Some Jews won't even take a seat on the subway next to someone of the opposite gender.

The ‘chastity squad’ members snatched her at the playground, poured hot water on her, and when she began shouting they beat her up,” said the resident who witnessed the incident.

In a separate incident, squad members allegedly broke into an apartment where several American yeshiva students lived, sprayed them with tear gas and stole a laptop. Giving new meaning to the term “eligible singles,” Star Singles is hosting a “special event for Kohanim and women eligible to marry them (please contact us for halachic parameters).” To learn about those parameters, you can check out the comments (“I guess this is where all the virgins will be,” “no divorcees allowed,” “sorry, I’m not a virgin”) or do some more research (see here, under “ritual defilement”).

But there were always the rumours about classmates and other acquaintances who had done things they shouldn’t have – making out, and sometimes (much) worse. I wanted to be like them, a “good girl,” and so I declared myself S. Since keeping halacha was important to me (still is) it just confirmed my decision. N., I would’ve said because that is the Jewish law. because that is the halacha, but was it really to keep Jewish law, or was part of them scared that without the halacha, they’d be cads who would hurt people?

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