Shomer negiah dating

Others will go as far as having oral sex, while still avoiding the "home run." and wondered how "far" I was willing to go before marriage. Essentially, it's the Orthodox Jewish equivalent of being asked if I give blowjobs regularly.

But shitty first dates comes with the territory when you're a single gal living in NYC.

But there were always the rumours about classmates and other acquaintances who had done things they shouldn’t have – making out, and sometimes (much) worse. I wanted to be like them, a “good girl,” and so I declared myself S. Since keeping halacha was important to me (still is) it just confirmed my decision. N., I would’ve said because that is the Jewish law. because that is the halacha, but was it really to keep Jewish law, or was part of them scared that without the halacha, they’d be cads who would hurt people?

When I was around 17 I saw that the kinds of girls I admired were all shomer negiah. Later, I learned more about the textual/halachic basis for it.

Even though it has been difficult, I’m usually not sorry that I’ve been S. And I know women who have had pre-marital sex and then broken up with the man and they feel very bad. The first man I kiss, for me it will be like what having sex for the first time is for some other women. I’m not going to waste that on someone I’ve only met a few times.

N., because that is how I conduct myself with dates and with men in the religious Jewish community. I know single women who have not been and they are just as sexually thirsty and lonely as I am. N., then anything I might do with a man I was dating becomes much, much more important.

(via Mara Manischewitz) Isn’t It Romantic 2: Shidduchim Boogaloo. Stipulations include that the two people didn’t know each other before and that they get married by Simchat Torah of next year.

Also, “all 3 people have to agree that at certain time and certain place this matchmaker made the match and verified in front of a rabbi and they must be married by next Simchat Torah.” A Case for Cougars?

Think of it as an attempt to avoid any possible slippery slopes. Orthodox Jews have varying views about how far the rules of not touching should go.

is that sex should be kept as something special that happens between a husband and a wife. Anything that could possibly lead to sex outside of marriage is also a no-no.

According to Endthe‘s Chananya Weissman, who’s been writing about the shidduch crisis for years, 60 rabbis in Israel recently signed a statement that read (in part): “It has recently been revealed that the primary cause of the [shidduch crisis] is that boys frequently prefer girls who are a few years younger…

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