Shure serial number dating

It's here to share the information that I have gathered over many years of collecting and researching harmonica mics, and looking for ways to get the tone that we're all looking for by using different mic's, amp's, and other gadgets.

I have been collecting and researching harp mics for the past 15 years, getting as much information as I could from various sources, but mostly through collecting, and closely inspecting mics from various periods in time from the early 1940's to present day mics.

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The serial number is also date stamped with 10-03-77.

Lightning stickers, Ashtabula cranks stamped A0979 Survivor, forks stamped 9F) # 125174 (1979 Stormer (? Double Gusset, Curved brake bridge) # 782791 (1980 Stormer – This one has Tange TX 1200 leading axle forks stamped 0I[Sep.,’80] and Ashtabula cranks stamped A 27 80.) # 03389 (1977 or 78 Stormer.

**It is beginning to look like a possible pattern is emerging. SN stamped on non drive side dropout) # 002617 (1977 Stormer MXR – The Tange TX 500 fork is stamped 7F[May 77]. Stamped on non drive side dropout) # 014481 (Year Unknown- Double Gusset, Curved brake bridge. Chrome) # 018166 (Year Unknown- Double gusset, Curved brake bridge) # 018287 (1978-9?

Thanks guys for the serial numbers, keep em coming** First two digits of six digit numbers OO= 77, 01=78 & 79, 12 being 79 & 80 On some models the serial number is located on the non drive side (port) rear dropout.

Double Gusset, Curved brake bridge) # 122824 (Maybe 1979-81) Original owner just got his old bike back but unsure year it was first purchased.

Double Gusset, Curved brake bridge) The decals appeared in 79 but it appears was the 80 model. Being made late in the year it could be a early 78 model. Has double gussets and the curved brake bridge.) # 05422 (1977 or 78 Stormer.

So it is a 76 made and may be a 77 Model.) # 1293 (1976 or 1977, Model Unknown. The serial is located on the non drive side dropout. Flat brake bridge.) # 2958 (1977 Stormer MX – Flat brake bridge below tubing. The serial is located on the non drive side dropout. Flat brake bridge.) This entry was posted on May 17, 2008 at am and is filed under Bike Identifying, CYC Serial Number guide.

Not sure when they switched to 77 model.) # 2491 (Year, Model Unknown. Serial along with date code [04-05-77] on non drive side dropout.) # 3636 (Year, Model Unknown.

How do you tell the date of a speaker by looking at the serial number?

Got a guy here saying he has 2 year old Y115's and I think something don't add up.

If you do not wish to have your serial number published please let me know but I can still ad it to the database since so few CYC’s exist, if we are to find a date code buried in the serial numbers we need as many as possible. Double Gusset with curved brake bridge original red paint and decals. Takagi MX cranks stamped T7-51 ) # 001375 (1977 Stormer – This bike has a clear date code stamped into it of 09-17-77) # 002454 (1977 Stormer MX – Chrome frame with no decals. Curved brake bridge.) # 010217 (1978 Stormer MXR – Original paint (blue) and decals. Curved brake bridge, Double non stamped gusset) # 011293 (Year Unknown- Double Gusset, Curved brake bridge.

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