Sign of a player dating

Your conversations remain superficial If you’ve been with a guy for a while, but are still talking about the same cursory things, you could be dealing with a player.

Relationships are built on communication, and it’s hard to build a relationship without getting to know someone beyond the type of music they like or their favorite movies.

If you notice any of these signs in the man whom you are currently dating, think again.

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But sometimes, the man you are with may be just a player who doesn’t want anything serious and who is simply looking for some fun.

How could you tell if the man you are with is decent and serious or is a player? Your boyfriend never talks about close friends, his family, or relatives, and always changes the subject when you ask him something about it.

Even if your boyfriend gives you his number, you find that it’s either not reachable or out of service.

He never gives you a stable number where you can reach him.

At some point, both members need to open up and start letting others in.

As well, if all he’s interested in are the more physical aspects of you and the only intimate details he wants from you is about what sexy outfits you’ve got hidden in your closet, that could be a red flag.While it’s not a surefire way to tell, it could be a sign that he sees sleeping with you as just one of a number of events during any given night – not a person worth building a relationship with.Clear and calm communication about how you feel is definitely important in regards to this.When you’re looking for a strong relationship, you always want to hold on to the great guys that you may find.This is especially true when you find a guy you deem as a triple threat – handsome, smart and funny.He is always busy and has something to do so he can’t receive your calls. This is a sure sign that he is a player and you are not important to him.

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