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Some are divorced or new to a city and want to fast-forward their dating.Others don’t want their personal details public or don’t have the time or patience to deal with online dating.

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One supporter of the positive stress movement is Zachary Rapp, who swears by cold showers, hot yoga and intermittent fasting to get through his 18-hour days running three health and biotech start-ups in Silicon Valley.

He credits the positive stress with the fact that he only gets sick once a year.

While there is a growing body of research that suggests that moderate amounts of stress may actually help the brain and body perform better, there is little to no evidence that cold showers are beneficial.

Silicon Valley's growing 'positive stress' movement is based on the idea that radical tactics such as starting the day with a freezing cold shower or taking regular hot yoga classes will lead to a longer life.

However, the study found that those who woke up with a cold shower were one-third less likely to call in sick to work.

Spas across the country have recently introduced whole body cryotherapy, which involves standing in an electric cold chamber for several minutes to reduce stress, improve circulation and boost the immune system.A 2013 study of rats by the University of California, Berkeley, found that a group that was exposed to moderate levels of stress for short periods showed signs of advanced brain function and learning ability than the control group.In a study by Yale University, students were given a survey with questions about how they viewed stress as well as a mouth swab to test stress-hormone cortisol levels.Joon Yun has been giving talks about the effectiveness of using low amounts of stress to restore the body's balance to groups of tech entrepreneurs for several years.'That's what health is,' he said.'It's in is the ability to tolerate stress.'However, Yun advises against forcing the body to withstand extreme temperatures because it can be dangerous, specifically for older people.Runyon said told CNBC that doing something uncomfortable every day makes other tasks seem easier, which can be particularly useful to entrepreneurs.

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