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However, “More than 60 species of insects are associated with this plant, including 22 species of bees that feed only on its flowers.Many are specific to it, such as the creosote katydid (Insara covillei) and creosote grasshopper (Bootettix argentatus), which are so camouflaged that they are very difficult to find.Going south along the Colorado River region, dry valleys contain only creosote and bursage, and in some places, even bursage disappears. It may drop leaves and branches to preserve water and nutrients in the root crown.

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Smeg and Fiat merge form and function to create an extraordinary new item for the “FIAT 500 Design collection”.

Because a refrigerator is not just an electrical appliance, and a bonnet is not just car part.

The International face of the Italian company is expressed via its subsidiaries, its representative offices and a large network of distributors, who enable Smeg to offer appliances designed with know-how and Made-in-Italy style all around the world, from Asia to Europe, Africa to Australia.

Smeg understand that when Architecture and Art meet, beautiful and timeless objects are created.

But, the creosote is an important nurse plant for small cacti and many other plants.

Some creosote bushes in the Mojave Desert are thought to be about 11,000 years old based on carbon 14 dating.If the prevailing wind is especially strong, only the clones downwind of the parent plant will survive, forming a line of plants instead of an expanding ring.If you’ve ever tried to kill a creosote bush by cutting back the branches, you know that it will grow back within a few months. Only the Jackrabbit is known to eat the leaves, and then, only when there is nothing else available.But innumerable native peoples and some knowledgeable ethnobotanists drink large quantities of it for a wide variety of ailments with no detectable ill effect (other than gagging from its awful taste).Its antioxidant properties were used in foods and paints through the 1950s and are now being evaluated as anti-cancer agents.” Various sources report that teas made from the leaves and small twigs cure fever, influenza, colds, upset stomach, gas, gout, arthritis, sinusitis, anemia, and fungus infections (CRC Ethnobotany, June 12, 1999).Creosote also has antimicrobial properties, making it a useful first aid antiseptic.

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