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Like any electronic device, there is a limit to how long a satellite radio will last.If you are looking to replace your radio because you want more features or because your current radio has stopped working, we have a solution for getting your set-up going again.See Sirius XM Customer Agreement for complete terms at Not all vehicles or devices are capable of receiving all services offered by Sirius XM.

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I had an 05 magnum with sirius that went crazy until I pulled its power for a little while.

Make sure you have the right fuse by turning on the radio and trying to enter SAT mode.

Initially it might seem like a hassle but there are several benefits of upgrading your whole system.

I own an 09 C300 MB and cannot seem to get any help from MB or Sirius for a problem with this service.

my satelite radio keeps displaying updating channels.when i try to switch to satelite radio it displays updating channel and switches back to my regular fm stations...i called sirius and they sent out a new signal and still the same..i guess im off to the dealer tomorrow to order a new radio...

Have you tried pulling the fuse to the satellite radio module?

It must be Sirius but call them and they have no clue. The dealer installed new Sirius receiver, and a new RAK radio and the problem still exists. My drive to work is only 5 miles, and when I came out at lunch it worked, but the problem was exactly as you described it.

They told me it was a problem with the radion and not their problem. I have had it happen with another Sirius Sportster reciever that I have installed in the work van once and when it finished the "updating" all my presets were gone.

"My Satellite problem has been fixed by Sirius, probably permanently.

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