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Some immediately took a rapist's side and some already ran from their own issues in life, so there was no way they wanted to face something as raw and intense as this.Turns out women can be your biggest enemy and you have to watch out for women jurors; so much for girl power.

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Organized religions also affect this and both genders are guilty of it.

The court's process and society mesh into one for me.

In the time it takes to run to a Burger King drive-through and back, he had broken into my home, where most of us feel safest, and changed my life forever.

I woke up that night without a choice of being the same person or living my life as I had known it, ever again.

The most hurtful of all were the women who were raped before, as they were challenged by me reporting it and by their demons about their own rape.

Every single woman I knew who had experienced it (not that I had known that they were raped until they found out that I was) turned on me, blamed me, made up vicious lies about me in statements to the judge, and were willing to commit perjury on the stand by misconstruing things about my past and lying about things that had never happened in my life.

Kathleen started her fight with the judicial system, joined our online support group and chat room for rape survivors, and will continue with her voice for years to come. Unfortunately, this night was like no other before and was one I will never be able to forget.

What I didn't realize at the time was that he not only raped me physically, he raped my life.

Most of us, when asked to describe our self-concept, will include our job or that we are a hard worker; that is what we do, we work.

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