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Some immediately took a rapist's side and some already ran from their own issues in life, so there was no way they wanted to face something as raw and intense as this.

Turns out women can be your biggest enemy and you have to watch out for women jurors; so much for girl power.

"One year ago, I locked my door and went to sleep; like we all do on any given night.

What I have learned in experiencing both has hurt me deeply to my core.

I am disgusted and sickened, not just as a victim of a horrific crime, but as a human being.

Even though the company I worked for knew what he did, they kept him hired on and I had to quit my job.

It was no longer the job that I knew, day in and day out, for over six years.

Most of us, when asked to describe our self-concept, will include our job or that we are a hard worker; that is what we do, we work.

After that night, I went from a completely functional person who worked sixty hours a week and went to school at night, to dead inside.At first her fight was against her assailant and her crime.Then, when Kathleen saw society's silence on the matter and the closed door for survivors in the judicial system, she knew that her stand would be a much bigger fight; and one she could not ignore. One year ago, I locked my door and went to sleep; like we all do on any given night.The most hurtful of all were the women who were raped before, as they were challenged by me reporting it and by their demons about their own rape.Every single woman I knew who had experienced it (not that I had known that they were raped until they found out that I was) turned on me, blamed me, made up vicious lies about me in statements to the judge, and were willing to commit perjury on the stand by misconstruing things about my past and lying about things that had never happened in my life.I tried but I couldn't work with him there, especially while we were in the middle of a judicial battle... Because I reported it and he was a coworker, people started finding out and taking sides fast.

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