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I also think that it’s good opportunity for academics to come and share their experience.

And also for young parliamentarians to be an example for the countries, they can encourage more youth, young people to participate in this program.

The greatest thing is to notice how really different systems and societies we representing.

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It’s very good opportunity to speak with them and to exchange ideas.

And, secondly, communications is not enough – we can understand each other and then we can understand ideas of the whole world; especially I’m very happy to see that the future young leaders they gather together.

Over 300 attendees in total: The unique concept of the event was created in 2005 by Ksenia Khoruzhnikova, Founder and President of the G200 Association.

The concept was realised as the G8 Youth Summit in 2006 in St.

That makes me inspired with the idea that we should participate in these meetings and thanks to G8 and G20 Alumni Association for inviting me hear.

And the other impressive thing is: I think G20 Youth Forum have made great efforts in organizing many people together and try to collect the ideas and also to make this activities more interesting and alive. When I go back to Japan I would like to inform about G20 Youth Forum other faculty members, also international division of our University.It is very important to have an understanding of the views of each social group fora successful policy. We have decided many important questions and we will try to implement them in our countries.I expected to come here, to share a lot of ideas with representatives from parliaments and also from academic institutions.G20 Youth Forum is very good instrument for public all over the world in different countries to learn about G20, especially for the young leaders and youth elites in different countries.I think it will play very important role in the media, in the mobilization, press mobilization in different countries. I can meet people all around the world more than 60 countries.First of all I met some incredible people and second of all most importantly I got a lot of inspiration on my field which is social issues.

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