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To others, as one Guardian reader pointed out, it sounds about as fun as a school reunion.

Perhaps they’d fancy a club night where the music is just as fresh as any youth rave instead.

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(*NOTE: RSVPs here are not an indicator of attendance. ) *PARTICIPANT REVIEWS*: 🌟 “Unquestionably the best dating event I have ever attended. 🌟 “I now feel that I have a much deeper understanding of what it means to be a man in a relationship and how to make dating a beautiful experience.” -Justin M.

🌟 “Incredible opportunity to fall into my feminine energy in a way I can’t usually experience!

In general, nights to avoid are those aimed squarely at drum ’n’ bass, dubstep and UK bass fans, lest you come face to face with those same 20-year-olds.

Alternatively, Latin, tropical, global beats and reggae events generally have a broader age mix, partly because they reflect cultures where it’s normal to welcome cross-generational party people.

There are prizes for the best retro outfits and soul, funk and disco are the dominant sounds of the evening that keep the glittery Afro wigs bouncing till the last-train-home-friendly time of 11.30pm.

The concept is something of a suburban phenomenon, a mature reinvention of the over-thirties home counties discos that still take place in hotels and halls from Dorking to Woodford.

Now, let it be known that these pages are not ageist.

Rather, they adhere to the somewhat rose-tinted ideal that clubbing is inclusive and doesn’t discriminate against age, race or class.

‘Our focus is definitely on the music and the experience, but the nature of that means that we’re aimed at a slightly older crowd,’ says Miles Simpson, one of the DJs behind the night. That’s pretty exciting if you’re 18 to 25, but we offer musical authenticity in a more intimate setting, allowing for a more personal party.’ And one with a guarantee that it won’t turn into a Bacardi Breezer-swigging scene from ‘Hollyoaks’ by the end.

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