Speed dating for fundraising

Although we were awarded 2nd place, we did however supersede our club’s goal to raise more money than last year in the helmet drive. Jude” Ride-A-Thon that benefitted the children of St.

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In the end, successful board service is about finding the right match.

More than 200 matches were made at the 2013 Board Match event, but for those participants who didn’t find a few true loves, it’s important to keep searching.

Self-perpetuating boards, unlike an elected or appointed board, also have the opportunity to recruit for specific skill sets.

At the Board Match event, nonprofits could use the opportunity to advertise for and recruit board members with specific knowledge, such as legal, financial, or technical expertise.

Such events may also help combat some of the leadership challenges of running a self-perpetuating (or self-nominating) board.

Self-perpetuating boards are tempted to recruit new board members from amongst their friends and colleagues and thereby run the risk of becoming unrepresentative of the target population and service area.

If your nonprofit has a strategy wherein it engages stakeholders in committees and otherwise, it will have a diverse, tested, and committed pool to draw from at all times.

Maybe we all need to reconsider those engagement strategies more generally.

Press Release The Lost Riders are Proudly Sponsoring: SPEED DATING Come Find Your Perfect Match August 7, 2015 The Lost Riders Riding Club will be hosting its very first Speed Dating Event. Proceeds go to Brillyn, who needs open heart surgery to repair his heart.

Held at the Nauti Parrot Tiki Hut, 3448 Marinatown, Ln in N. This will be his third surgery and has to travel to Michigan for the surgery since not all places perform it.

The ability of self-perpetuating boards to develop a strong board culture may also increase the risk of becoming too insular and unresponsive.

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